A Complimentary Evaluation

Our new patient coordinator and Dr. Vargas set aside special time to spend one-on-one with you to identify treatment goals, evaluate your orthodontic needs, and discuss your treatment options. We want you to fully understand all the options available so that you can make an informed decision about your orthodontic treatment.

The initial consultation appointment usually lasts about an hour. First, our new patient coordinator will take an x-ray and digital photographs of your face and teeth. Then, Dr. Vargas will complete a thorough orthodontic exam and will tell you whether or not orthodontic treatment is recommended. He will talk with you about treatment options and estimated treatment time. Dr. Vargas will also answer any questions you might have. Our new patient coordinator will then review the financial aspects of orthodontic treatment, how your insurance will work for you, and several affordable payment options for your consideration.

Treatment can usually begin at the next appointment and can even be scheduled the same day if you wish and there is time available in the schedule.


Different orthodontic problems require different types of treatment to achieve the best results. Dr. Vargas is trained and experienced in a wide variety of orthodontic appliances used in treatment of these orthodontic problems. Following the initial evaluation, he will recommend the best course of treatment to obtain optimum results for your individual needs. Dr. Vargas provides all types of orthodontic treatment for all age groups including early treatment, limited treatment, comprehensive treatment, and orthodontics requiring surgical treatment.


The appliances most commonly used in orthodontic treatment are metal braces, ceramic (clear) braces, and invisalign (clear, removable trays). Sometimes, retainers can be used to correct minor problems. Dr. Vargas may recommend additional appliances for other specific problems.

Schedule Your Consultation

As previously mentioned, the initial consultation is complimentary.

Please call us at (352) 373–1000 to schedule this appointment.

We definitely look forward to meeting you!